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Loja de Azeite Virgem Extra Premium Português

Oferecer uma seleção única dos melhores azeites portugueses, é a nossa promessa.

Prove os melhores azeites portugueses, encontre o seu favorito e partilhe com quem mais gosta.

Legumes para assar
Degustação de Azeite
Tenha uma experiência de prova dos melhores azeites portugueses, todos os dias, a qualquer hora. Entre em contacto e marque a sua visita!

Se quiser aprofundar os seus conhecimentos sobre azeite, partilhamos consigo todo o nosso conhecimento no nosso workshop.

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I love olive oil, cook with it and eat it frequently so this seemed like it would be an interesting experience... But it was that and so much more! We enjoyed learning about how and where Portuguese olive oil is made. I wasn't sure how I would feel about tasting olive oil 'straight', but it is necessary to really appreciate the flavors and learn the difference between better quality and lesser quality oils, like one does with wine tasting (but much smaller tastes! 😉). Of course, my favorite tastes were with the homemade bread baked fresh by Ricardo's wife, Andréia! So, don't miss this experience! Ricardo is a warm, friendly and fun host. This was an easy and relaxing 35 minute drive from Nazaré. A bonus was being able to purchase some of the wonderful oils we tried. We asked about them... there is no pressure at all to do so. **NOTE: Don't use the 'Get Directions' feature in the Airbnb app. Ricardo is working on correcting this. Open G** maps directly and search: "LOA The Olive World" and you will find very accurate directions to his home in Alvados.


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